Purpose of the Program

"Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics," Victor Pinchuk.

Speak Life, an agency that speak life into what oftentimes may be considered a hopeless situation, agrees with Pinchuk. Speak Life's arts program is our initiative to use art as a vehicle to address and challenges some of the ills that is crippling communities of color.

The Griot's Corner

Reginald Williams "The Host"

Reginald Williams, a Family Advocate, Speaker, Professional Development Trainer, Author and Behavioral ENTERventionist concentrating in family and community restoration. Credited with being a dynamic speaker, my presence as a presenter and workshop facilitator isn’t about my ability to give a stirring speech, but instead to solidify my mission which is to stimulate provoking thought that will lead to authentic wellness.

Brian Heat "The Ignitor"

Educator and speaker who has inspired more than 25,000 students and millennials nationally to live out their dreams with no fear. Known as Heat because of the fire of his presentations serves as the Program Manager for Prince George's Community College's Diverse Male Student Iniatitive. The program explores ideas and develops practical skills for effectively involving and empowering male student to assume leadership roles. The initiatives' purpose is to have a program that supports these students and helps them focus their energies toward self-improvement and community involvement.

Community Voices

The voices of our Griots and Visual Artist are important, but so are the voices of the community represented by you - also creators. The program will dedicate time to hear the spirit of the artistic voices that make up our audience.

Brother Rob da Poet

Brother Rob da Poet Brown is a spoken word artist/actor/activist. A proud member of P.O.E.T (People Of Extraordinary Talent), Brother Rob's poetry both spiritual and political is performed to help ease the uncomfort of being Black in America.

Black Asset our Feature

Black Asset has a voice as soulful as a fierce thunderstorm yet as smooth as a summer breeze. Add the depth of her riveting poetry and this native Mississippian delivers an artistic harvest that can only be described as hospitable.

Fireside Chat

We will conclude the evening's event with a fireside chat with Brian Heat and Christopher Ervin. Ervin, a community activist, is the founder and President of The Lazarus Rite, an academic based reentry program.

Heat and Ervin will provide some practical ideas that we, as a community, can employ to render real change in both our community and within the lives of people of color.

The Visual Artist

Jerrell Gibbs

Fine Artist & Creative Community Fellow

A fine artist and Creative Community Fellow of the National Arts Strategies. He examines his life stories and that of family and friends in order to concieve and engage in multilayered experience of the African-American diaspora.

Demiko Aiken

Photographer & Actionist

Husband, Father, Son and Uncle. Public Servant, Actionist, Photographer.

Peachie Pleasants

Founder of Peachisms

Empowering people 2 live their best life via Self Acceptance & Self Love. Peachie specilizes in motivational coaching, helping clientschange the pessimistic paragdim too often embraced.

Dana Nance

Founder of Rouxartistry

The founder of RouxNance and certified makeup artist based in the Washington District of Columbia (D.C., Maryland and Virginia) region. Clientel services for bridal parties, photoshoots, proms and whatever event that is special to you.

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